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Skills Summary

TV & Video

  1. Transmission sound engineer
  2. Video sound dubbing (non-linear and tape)
  3. Sound Recordist
  4. OB's: live engineering and planning.


  1. Broadcast: sound balance and transmission of live programme output.
  2. Recording and editing: live-music; radio-drama; sports; news interviews and features; commercials and trails.
  3. OB's: live engineering and planning.


  1. Liaison between clients, stage designers and venues, both in the planning stages and throughout the event.
  2. Able to take responsibility for all A/V requirements if required, including: crewing; setup and operation of all audio/visual equipment; lighting; data and video projection; even 35mm projection.

Music Recording

  1. Management of professional sound recording facility in London and Sussex.
  2. Operation of studio equipment for music and speech recording, editing & mixing to broadcast standard.
  3. Direction of CD and vinyl mastering processes for UK music releases.
  4. Computer: Professional expert working knowledge of most popular PC and Mac based audio sequencer and editing applications - (see end).


  1. Course Manager - HNC Broadcasting course, R.N.I.B. Soundscape, Redhill. Teaching visually impaired people to make radio programmes.
  2. Technical tutor for ‘HNC Broadcasting’ course, Lambeth College, London.
  3. Trainer for rolling 10-week Production courses, covering use of portable equipment , Studio Operations, Digital Editing & Mixing etc. at Earshot Media & Production, Brighton.



Some of my recent freelance employment: - Jan’12-Present

I recently started my own business based in Sussex.

Yougig is a new service for musicians, to record them with professional multi-tracked sound (Pro Tools), and full HD 1080p video, either playing live in front of an audience, or on location.

All post production is done in my own studio.

Aljazeera English TV channel, Doha, Qatar. - Mar’10-Present

Senior sound specialist. Three separate 3-month contracts during the busy “Arab Spring” period. Soundtracs digital desk

Music Recording Engineer/Producer

Recording, mixing and mastering music for CD and online release, such as Tim Nail’s new “Requiem Mass”, for church organ, 40-piece choir, soprano and mezzo-soprano soloists, and string octet.

Also engineered a Celtic music album, several pop singles, and many more classical recordings.

Bungalow Town, Shoreham-by-Sea, 3 day music festival - 2010

Live sound engineering, and web-streaming with video.

Crown & Anchor public house, Shoreham-by-Sea. - 2010

Design & full permanent installation of a 4-zone audio & video system, in a busy music pub, with staff-operated volume controls & individual programme selection for each zone.

UK Conference for Afghanistan, Green Park, London - 2010

& G20 Media Centre, London - 2009

OB Sound Engineer, employed by host broadcaster – Feltech & RTS Audio

BBC “HARDtalk” - 2009 - 10

Audio post production and re-formatting.

BBC “The Daily Politics” - 2009 - 10

TV Studio sound. Calrec analogue desk.

BBC Persian TV - 2009 - Present

TV studio sound. DHD digital desk

World Sacred Music Festivals, Brighton UK - 2008 and 2009

Sound Engineer.

Recorded 2 weeks of live world-music concerts in multitrack format, and then did all audio post-production for CD, DVD release.

Also produced daily podcasts.

White–Air, extreme sports festival, Isle of Wight - 2008
Production for Sky TV

All audio pre-planning of OB’s and then Sound Supervisor for 10 day shoot.

BBC TV Sport (Match of the day) - 2006 - 07

OB sound engineer, UK premiership football matches, (also liaison with SKY TV)

Broadcast Trainer (freelance) - Apr ’00 – Apr '02

Earshot Radio Production Course, North Street, Brighton.

BBC News; BBC World Service News; BBC political programmes - Mar ’98 - Present

Studio manager working mostly in English, but also in French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Thai, Afghan, African, Chinese & Indian languages, and many others.

Employed freelance, but almost full-time with production of news output on programmes such as “Today”, “The World at One”, and “Today In Parliament”, working in newsrooms, studios, radio cars, OB’s for live and recorded TV & radio programmes.

Calrec analogue desks & DHD Digital Desks.

Recording Studio Manager/Engineer - Dec ’98 – May ’00
RTS Studios Ltd./RTS Records Ltd, London SE11.

Specification, installation, management and operation of a SADiE-based professional recording facility in London. This position involved working closely with music producers on UK release singles and albums, and with company directors in the ongoing process of modifying and upgrading the studio’s facilities.

Up until December ’99 RTS Studios were used primarily for music production and live-music radio sessions. Additional work after that included: ISDN voice-overs, radio commercials, multimedia, and government corporate TV post-production.

In my final last two months at RTS I also led the project team carrying out a full-scale feasibility study for development of a live-music web broadcast channel, in association Real-Player, and two other external companies.

Mackie Analogue desk.

Course Tutor, HNC Radio Broadcasting - Sep ’97 – Aug ‘98
Lambeth College, London SE1.

My responsibilities were to tutor mature students in the practical parts or the course, and also to lecture on the history of audio and broadcasting technology. I taught them some basic acoustics and audio theory (analogue and digital), then how to record using a variety of portable equipment that they could then use for their own productions.

The next step was to teach them how to edit. (first on ¼” tape, and then digital editing using a D.A.V.E. audio network). I showed them how to use the college broadcast studio, leading an "on-air" programme test, which was part of their final assessment.

I also helped the students with their own music shows, feature productions, taught them to use the multi-track audio programs, and assisted other tutors with course options, such as Radio Commercial Production and Radio Drama.


Freelance employment, 1988-1998

Company Position held Date
Metrovideo Ltd, London A/V Engineer Apr’95-
Blitz Vision Ltd, Watford A/V Technician Nov ’95-Nov ‘97
National Association of Pension Funds, London A/V Technician (Senior) Feb ‘87-May ‘94
Confrex Ltd, Brighton A/V Technician (Senior) Feb ‘92-Jun ‘92
Eclipse Presentations Ltd, London Crew Sound Engineer Nov ’95–
Holmes & Marchant (ENSCAT) Ltd, Harrow Crew Sound Engineer ‘94- 96
Robin Veitch & Associates, London Crew Sound Engineer 93-95
QEII Conference centre, London Crew Sound Engineer G7 conference + many others Apr ‘90-Apr ‘93
MMP, Brighton Crew Sound Engineer & AV Tech. Nov ’95-
ITN/IRN, London Bi-Media News Sound Oct ‘93- Sep ‘96
London News Radio, (formerly LBC), London OB, Radio Car and Studio Sound Engineer Jul ’89–Aug ‘96
Campbell-Davison Media Production, London OB Engineer – The London Motor Show Apr ‘93-Oct ‘93
Capital Radio, London Producer/Engineer “The Way It Is” Jun ‘90-Sep ‘90
COI (Central Office of Information), London Sound Engineer Jan ‘90-Apr ‘96
BT Business TV, London Sound Engineer Mar ‘89-Nov ‘93
British Forces Broadcasting Service, London Studio Sound Engineer Mar ‘89–Oct ‘97
Unique Broadcasting Ltd, London Studio Sound Engineer Oct ‘93-
The Sound Company Ltd, London Studio Sound Engineer July ‘92-
BT Reprographics, London Studio Sound Engineer Mar ‘89-Jun ‘90
Odyssey Studios (now Jazz FM), London Studio Sound Engineer Jun ‘88-Apr ‘89
PPM RadioWaves, London Studio Sound Engineer – Radio Radio Jun ‘88-Mar ‘89
Concept Communications Ltd, Shoreham Technical Director / Studio Engineer Jan ‘95-Jan ‘97
AdMusic, Shepperton Video Dubbing Engineer Mar ’95–
Leading Edge Video Production, Bexleyheath Video Sound Recordist Oct ‘93-
S.I.S, London TV sound mixer – Televised Sport Apr ‘90-Oct '94

Early work 1977-88

AVT (Audio Visual Techniques) Ltd, Stone Street, Brighton Senior A/V Technician Aug '87-Jun '88
Polydor Records, London W1 Professional Musician Apr '86-Jul '87
BBC RADIO NETWORKS (Radio 1, 2, 3 & 4) Broadcasting House, Portland Place W1 Technical Operator/Radio Sound Assistant Jun '82-Apr '86
FREELANCE: Working in commercial sound studios in London and Sussex, including: ICC, Odyssey; Wessex; Music Works; Park Gate; Tape Operator and Junior Sound Engineer Dec '79 to Jun ‘82
Chloride Transipak, Hastings Electronic Test Engineer Aug '77-Dec '79


UK Education & Training


RTS Recording Studio Equipment                             1998-2000

Audio hardware:

Music & Audio software used (to expert professional level):


Playing guitar, bass guitar, banjo and piano
Computers, MIDI, web, gaming, video editing
Boats, swimming, cycling, badminton, football, sea fishing, cooking, literature and languages